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Create Your Internet Business Opportunity on a Shoe String Budget.  

by Mark Williams

Have you ever heard the statement, "The Best Things in Life are Free"? That statement holds a lot of truth, especially when it comes to starting an internet business opportunity. The problem is that most people don't have the finances it requires to start their own business. The beauty of the internet is that it is one of the few marketing platforms providing ordinary people, with limited capital, an opportunity to create their own full time business.

Lucky for us, it is possible to start a profitable internet business opportunity with very little start-up costs. Below are a few methods to begin promoting your new internet business opportunity on a shoe string budget.

1. Optimize Your Web Pages for the Search Engines.

Make sure that your web site is properly optimized for the keywords you have selected for your web pages. It is important to do a few simple things right when it comes to SEO. First, use H1 and H2 tags on all of your pages, making sure that your headlines include your keyword or keyword phrase. Check your pages keyword density, it is best that you range from 3-5%. You may be able to go higher than that without spamming but you will just have to play with it.

2. Open an Account with Google and Place a Compatible Site-Map on Your Site.

The absolute fastest way to get indexed with Google is to place a site-map on your web site. Open an account with Google, don't worry it's free, and tell Google where to find that site-map. You will be indexed within 24 hours, it's that simple. The quicker you are indexed by the major search engines the more traffic you will start receiving.

3. Write and Submit Articles.

There is NO better way to get free traffic than writing articles and submitting them to article directories and announcement lists. Writing articles provides a webmaster a multitude of benefits like linking and notoriety. By writing and submitting several articles a week you will build an empire of backlinks and a hail storm of traffic.

4. Write Press Releases.

Press releases are the country cousin of articles but don't underestimate their power. Press releases are very similar to articles and can reap you the same type of benefits. There are a growing number of press related and syndication directories popping up all over the internet. Traffic and links are the paramount reason why press releases are a great strategy. Especially, for those that are looking for low cost marketing techniques.

5. Use Free Classifieds to Promote Your New Internet Business Opportunity.

Make use of the internet's many free classified sites. This is not my most recommended marketing technique but the more you get your web site's name in front of people the more traffic you will receive. Make sure that your ads are placed in the right network of sites for your targeted audience.

Starting a new internet business opportunity is a challenge! You are competing against billions of other web sites with more coming online everyday. By using the strategies outlined above you will be ahead of 99% of all the other web site owners on the net. The techniques are simple yet very effective and the best thing is they are all FREE!

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Starting a new Internet Business Opportunity is a challenge, especially on a budget. Mark Williams can help by checking out more Internet Marketing Strategies.

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