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What In The World Is Cpanel And Why Do I Want It

For those not familiar with some of the terminology associated with doing business on the internet and with web hosting in particular, the tem "cpanel" may be unknown. When you get a web hosting package from a company it will come with a control panel to enable you to manage and maintain your domains and their respective files, cpanel is one of these control panel options and in the opinion of most professional internet marketers, it is also the one favored. One of the most important issues when dealing with managing your domains is the ease with which that is accomplished, cpanel fits the bill for this. As a web based administrative control panel, cpanel makes it easier to manage all of your domain names and files associated with them from a central location. Cpanel also gives you access to important features like website statistics such as web stats, FTP stats, AWstats, latest visitors, bandwidth usage, and even breaks it down to what country the visitors are in and gives you the functionality of FTP to upload and download files to your sites.

The web hosting control panel within cpanel was designed with the end user in mind and is probably the most user friendly on the market today. From your control panel you can manage functions such as account or site creation, domain redirects, and more. Cpanel also gives you the ability to manage your email addresses and gives you autoresponders and mail forwarding to help you with your business and even includes additional features like spam filitering and webmail so that you can check your email from any computer on the planet. From your cpanel web hosting control panel you can build and edit web pages and manage your Microsoft Frontpage password plus make changes to the Apache handlers and manage options such as search engine submission. You can also set Cron jobs from there which for those unfamiliar with the term, is a way to set up automated tasks to take place at a particular time schedule.

Another great feature that is possible with cpanel is the ability to activate and use the pre-installed CGI scripts such as forums, chats, shopping arts, and website development tools. One of my favorite features with cpanel is Fantastico which allows for one step installation of Content Management Systems such as Mambo, Joomla, and the ever popular Wordpress blogging platform which I use for the majority of my websites. Having cpanel with the Fantastico enabled makes my life a lot easier and helps me to get my work done much more quickly. I am sure you will find cpanel to be the same for you.

Gregg Hall is an author and internet marketing consultant living in Navarre Florida. For more on inexpensive Web Hosting or other web hosting issues go to

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