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Web Packages Total Web Site Solutions

Web Packages are a collection of web services grouped together in one price, aimed for individual professionals or small to medium sized enterprises. The purpose of Web Packages is to incorporate under one roof all that is required in order to design, develop, host, support and market a web site. What is normally found in Web Packages? 1.

Design of pages forming a complete web site based on clients requirements. 2. Development of the complete web site based on the design specified, including a pre-defined number of web pages. 3. The inclusion of Flash element, if required. 4.

Testing of all pages and client validation of the site. 5. Hosting of the web site with a reliable host service provider.

6. Support for a pre-defined amount of time. 7. Internet marketing, if required. 8.

Ability to do changes after the project has gone live. What if I need more than what a particular Web Package has to offer? In addition to the above mentioned items found in web packages, one is also able to add extra services to the standard ones found. These services tend to enhance ones site both from the web sites physical aspect as well as from a support and exposure aspect. Extra services would normally consist of: 1. extra pages on top of the standard ones 2.

dynamic functionality which gives users the ability to interact with the site 3. prolonged maintenance and support period 4. constant internet marketing services resulting in more exposure to the site Web Packages are a complete solution for businesses requiring a web site. They can also serve as a starting point for a growing business that needs to start expanding its territory by having a professional web site which can then be expanded and elaborated as time goes by. It is always wise to choose a supplier which provides complete Web Packages as opposed to suppliers which provide just part of the web site process.

The last thing an individual or enterprise needs is to find a company that can design web sites, then another that can develop it, and a third that will eventually host the site. That is not to mention the fact that the web site would then need some optimization and marketing which would probably require further services from yet another service provider that can do the job properly. Web Packages are the preferred solution for a business which has never exposed itself on the web before.

They are also the perfect solution for businesses which require a fresh start from what they currently have today. A web site is a must for every business, and finding someone that can take care of all the requirements is the definitive solution in todays busy life.

Sandro Azzopardi has over 20 years experience in IT. He specializes in Web Design, Development, Support, Hosting and Internet Marketing on

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