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Web Hosting for Joomla

Building a web site takes a great deal of work, we all know that. From design to HTML/PHP/ASP/JS coding, it is all time consuming which affects our income directly. Designing custom headers, image objects, animations using utilities such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Cold Fusion, are all time intensive tasks indeed. This is where automation, and powerful management systems come into play.

We have all heard the phrase "Content is King", which is in fact true, and it is very unlikely to change. The more useful and niche specific content our web site provides the better our search engine ranking will be, the more visitors and subscribers we will have and the more revenue can be derived from such online ventures. This all sounds very nice but when the time comes to put that principle into action we face the terrible truth: "It takes a lot of time and effort". Having a web site fully designed and managed through starter tools such as Microsoft Frontpage proves to be a serious disadvantage. To make the argument clear, pay attention to the following scenario: You realize that constantly updated content brings you more traffic as well as feed subscriptions so you set a certain amount of time to content generation, after several hours of writing you finish the first phase of the project. The second phase involves creating the web pages for each article and organize a proper link structure within the site so that the new content can be found easily.

This involves remaking the home page linking structure, content arrangement and even design. This step will undoubtedly take a lot of time. even if templates are used.

The third stage involves checking that all the articles and links are valid and do not show 404 errors as well as placing the most relevant ad units in the right places. This is also a time consuming task. The fourth stage involves synchronizing and making sure that all the files in your local drive match those files on your web host.

You now may be thinking "There's got to be an easier way to do all this", and luckily for all of us, there is!. The solution is often referred to as CMS which stands for "Content Management System". Using a proper CMS will cut the time spent doing all of these tedious tasks by more than half ( 66.67% to be precise) because you know don't have to worry about step 2, 3 and 4 but only about step one.

A content management will generate all the pages dynamically, include the right graphics and targeted ad units automatically. One of the most popular CMS is called Joomla. This CMS will require a MySQL database to store all of this information. The right hosting service will not only help you set this system up but it will also have a one click installation ready for you, which cuts the time and problems involved in manually installing and configuring folder permissions for this useful software.

The right hosting solution will provide the necessary support and scripts needed to run this configuration. The most important tools needed to run Joomla include: PHP 4.2, MySQL 3.23 and Apache 1.

3 (or above). Online business becomes more profitable through the use of the right tools along with the best hosting support to help you gain minutes throughout the day.

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