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Using Article Anchor Tags Properly

How many times do you see in an article 'click here' . If I owned a web site with a url like I would be raking in the traffic. Don't worry - I have already searched on GoDaddy and it, and all of its derivatives, have already been snapped up. Not only that but "" IS available, but as a Premium Domain for just $2,288! Now perhaps you can begin to see how important the correct and frequent use of Anchor Tags is so important to your financial success as an article publisher.

Your site will become known by the consistencies of Anchor Tags pointing to it. In my case, I am using 'Articles for Profit' as my anchor tag. (Hover your cursor over the Anchor Tag, and see what the hyperlink is). Anchor Tags or Text refers to the word or phrase that you can put anywhere in your article, or your resource box, in the hyperlinks pointing to your web site or from one web page of your web site to any another one.

If you just put 'Click Here' to go to your site, with the address of your target web site as the actual hyperlink, then neither human readers, or spiders, have any clue as to where you are directing them, until you click on the link. However, the 'anchor tag' CLICK HERE has now been associated with your hyperlink. Great for you if you owned a site called "www." (see how many times in this paragraph I wasted the opportunity with my hyperlink - do the hover bit again). Search Engines give more importance to words or phrases in the external links to your web site obviously to determine the content of your web page. Anchor tags or text will give the Search Engine and the personal reader more ideas and more information about the topic of the landing web page. A meaningful keyword or keywords are so much more help. So you can see now why Search Engines will use the anchor text to help rank web pages for these key words or phrases, rather than the non-sense phrase 'Click Here'.

Search Engines give considerable emphasis to the anchor text on your web pages. For that reason, you really must optimize your web pages you use as anchor text to get even better rankings for specific keywords. Now, it is possible to 'guild the lily' with anchor tags, which can offset all of your hard work. Here are a few pointers you should bear in mind:- Pointer 1: Vary your Anchor Text Anchor text is used to give a good and clear description of your web site (good relevant content for the user). Google will measure the quality of the link and to identify is your links are natural or artificial. Use your keyword search tools to select your basic list of keywords.

Don't always use the same anchor tag. For instance, if your web site is all about getting out of debt, don't use just one anchor tag, say 'get out of debt'. Use a number of interchangeable phrases that will fit naturally into your article, but mean the same, i.e. 'escape the debt burden', 'reduce your debts effectively', et. (I make no bones about the fact that the hyperlinks used in these last four Anchor Tags do actually point to one of my many Adsense-generating web sites, but this can only be seen on my 'live' version of this article.

). Point 2: See what Anchor Tags your competitor is using. Now you know what Anchor Tags are all about, look at what your competitor's anchor text, and understand why they are using certain keywords and terms is one of the best ways to get anchor text related to your business and to your web pages. I would recommend that you look at products such as SEO Elite software where you can view anchor text used by your competitors.

I have found this a very useful piece of software. Point 3: Don't forget to put links to Your Internal Web Pages if you have a multi page site. Set up anchor text links to point to your internal web pages using different keywords and different anchor text. The goal is to get more links and to help your internal web pages to rank well as well as your primary page.

Of course, if you can work in some 'Latent Semantic Index' keywords as Anchor Tags, you will get a double bonus from Google. This is such an important part of successful article publishing; please make sure you carry out your own further research into this topic. Believe me; you will be delighted by the results.

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