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Things to Do When Stuck in the House

Playing Cards: Most card games require at least 2 players, but you can go online and play everything from war to multiplayer poker for real and play money over the internet. Many of these games will allow you to play cards against a computer or a real person who may be anywhere in the world. I have played poker against people in other parts of the USA and places like Germany and Australia, and it has always been great fun just to talk to them while playing and getting to see the differences in people from around the world.

Video Games: Gamming Consoles are much better then they were 15 years ago, and the gamming experience is way more advanced to the point you can now hook your Xbox or PS2 to the internet so you can play your favorite video games against other players and share and expand the gamming experience. If you do not have a gamming console you can play most of the same games on your PC that you can play on an Xbox and a PS2. When playing on a PC you can also play against other live players, but they have not yet come up with a way for pc players to play against gamming console players. So if all your friends are playing on an Xbox you are going to need your own Xbox to play with them. Online Casino Gambling: Maybe playing a soldier in ww2 or playing some card games is not your thing.

Maybe you would rather play some blackjack or craps in one of the internets many online casinos. Online casino gambling has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the web today, and if you are going to be stuck in the house all day what is a better way to pass the time then playing your favorite casino games over the internet. The best part of online casinos ids that you do not have to worry about a smoking ban, in your home you can light up whenever you want. Cleaning: I am not a big fan of it, but if you are stuck in the house all day it's a great opportunity to do a super cleanup of the apartment. Reorganizing your home can give you the feeling of a new home and will brighten up a day when the weather may be bad or you may feel ill.

Cooking: As long as you have food in the house, a day in the home is a great time to do some experimenting with food. I have always found cooking to be fun and exciting. Take a bunch of raw items, throw them all in a pot in some order add some spices and maybe some other spices, stir and presto you have a culinary delight for the entire family.

Jimmy Nordon reviews online casinos and mobile gambling sites. When he is not working, he likes doing standup at New York City comedy clubs.

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