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The History of Myspace

The history of is a little techie to some or even business like to others. Sometimes we imagine that the creator of the website is some geek who spends too much time in their garage or in their room with the computer. When they launched the site, they though that it will be a fun site for friends but it slowly became bigger and bigger until it was uncontrollable and the earnings of the website through ads is exponential. If that was the story, that should have summed it all and we don't have to continue to telling it to you.

However, the story is so different; some people may think it's boring. But if you look deeper, you'll see something very strategic that you'll be impressed on how they can think of things in the future. The only similarity of the fictional and the real story maybe the people that have developed this has spent so much time in front of their PC. is not owned by a single person or a group of very techie friends. Rather the website is originally owned by eUniverse, now known as Intermix.

The company technically doesn't own them as their plan is to develop them and sell them to the highest bidder. When they created the website and tried to sell it to the market, they didn't sell only the formula, the server requirements or things like that but they also include all the proper manpower such as HR, technical group, programmers and other things. This is because if someone actually buys them they will never have the problem of managing a start up company and hire people from the scratch. Since there were no takers yet, they decided to maintain them in their own. Launched in August of 2003, the first members were the actual employees of eUniverse. The staff was then challenged to make the website as popular as it is.

Surprisingly, it worked. Not only people have started to join, but communities as well. They have decided to create other services and through time, as they add their services the number of subscribers grew and it became a hit in the country. Currently almost every teen has their own myspace.

com account and the popularity is just keep getting growing and growing. The project was supervised by Allan Greenspan. In July 2005, because of its popularity; somebody did bought the website. We can share the millions of dollars because of the popularity that most websites expect big but not now. Those that had worked under Greenspan are now the biggest names in the industry.

Chris deWolfe is now the CEO and Tom Anderson is the president of Myspace. They used to work as someone in the programming department and when the merger or the sale of the website came, their hard work is surely to be answered. As of this writing, the website is barely four years old. But the popularity of the website in the country is really widespread that it makes people think that some geek who just became millionaires because of the website.

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