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The easiest way to track who is seeing your images online

It's really amazing how many people put images, pictures and information on the net, never worrying about who sees them, where and when. If you own a site it's even worse ? it's very hard to know in real time who is watching them online right now, what they are doing, where they came from and so on. To provide that missing bit of information Sysmesh is offering a new free tool called PicStats that will allow each web user or webmaster full access to information about his pictures and images. PicStats is designed for all internet users. It offers the user the ability to upload an image and optionally add text to it (i.e.

"xx people had seem my image"). The end result is an image that the user can put in any forum, blog, site, social site etc? The image not only update the counter with each load but also collects statistical information about where, when the image had been displayed along with user information thus allowing the owner to get full reports about his images and pictures (i.e. what countries have seen them, what browser, sites and even IPs).

The service can be found at .

Gilad Ariav, CEO of SysMesh Ltd,
Submitted by: Article Submitter Software

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