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The Business Aspect Of Training Through Video

A major cost overhead, not only in terms of direct money but also for man-hours lost in the process is staff training. Video courses also called training videos help you offset this cost to a large extent. Also imagine when a company has a wide spread business interests all around the globe and the man power and audience is culturally diverse, it can become prohibitively expensive to send experienced trainers all over or to pay for each individual to attend training courses.

Video training courses can educe these costs dramatically at the same time making content delivery faster to anyone around the globe. Video courses can be made and presented in many ways they can be a series of specially filmed programmes or they could be films of training seminars that have already occurred which could be edited into video form so as to replicate the benefits of these seminars on a mass scale. Once the filming and editing is over, training videos can be delivered in the form of a CD-ROM for computer based presentations or a VHS and DVD for television presentations. Video courses are often a part of an overall training programme to be planned and delivered according to the needs of the company.

Video courses are often used for induction training programmes for new staff and most people would get to see at least one during their professional life. However they are also used for various other purposes. Lets assume the company as introduced a new product in the product line, the video training program becomes the ideal and most cost effective way to give out product information, and more importantly so, when the product is highly technical like software. The same process if done manually may take weeks if not months for a multi national corporation with diversely geographical business spanning continents.

If we take into consideration the time taken for the manual training program and calculate the costs involved due to loss of man power, the figures would be incredible and preposterous compared to the cost of a video course used for training. Moreover the training retention of the employees is better by video than thru manual means, which renders them more efficient and professional. These two pronged advantages will subsequently bring better results to the company in the future. Video courses can also be used to train staff about new policies, health or safety issues and any other internal information of the company that needs to be gotten across. Video training has long been recognized as one of the most valuable teaching medium because it conveys more effectively, the instructor's clues like gestures, facial expressions and posture that aid effective communication. Decades of valuable research has proved that body language is the single most important element in verbal communication.

Besides the savings in training costs, there are various other reasons to develop procedure videos for your company. The very process of making such a video course may provide invaluable insight into the operations of your company's business.

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