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Search Engine Marketing And Link Building The Free Way

The undisputed, highest weighing factor to search engine marketing is of course Link Building. We all know it and we all know that it is the hardest part of search engine marketing. So how do we find those one way, quality links willing to link back to us? We are told specifically by search engines to avoid link farms, and spamming is out of the question, so where do we start? Assuming you don't have the marketing budget of the big boys, this can be tough. Let's take a look at the most popular ways. RELEVANT LINK EXCHANGES On topic link exchanges can be beneficial to both parties and can help move your site on up the SERPS.

Paying attention not to spam your potential partner, why not try and see if they are actively looking for a link exchange? Check their website. See if they have a links page. A good way to do this is to set up your own website directory or a directory specific to your niche. In exchange for your partner linking to you, you can link to them from your directory creating a "Three way link exchange" which done correctly holds more weight.

SUBMITTING TO DIRECTORIES Submitting to general and niche directories is a time consuming task, however the search engine marketing rewards can far outweigh the labor. Free web directories are a great way to get free and on topic links and if you can afford a few dollars, you can outsource this work very cheaply. Many directories take a long time (Sometimes months) to process submissions. This is a good thing as your backlinks will build slowly and search engines will not see you as "Link Spamming".

ARTICLE SUBMISSION Just like what you are reading now, one of the easiest and most enjoyable methods of search engine marketing is writing and submitting articles to article repositories. Not only are you creating a useful resource for others, you are also creating extremely targeted and on topic content. Most article repositories allow you to include a link back to your site too. POSTING IN FORUMS Many forums allow the use of "Signature" links.

Used correctly, and in a forum with your niche, you can gain many on topic backlinks by simply asking and answering questions. Not only do you gain those backlinks, but you also gain credibility in your industry. BLOG COMMENTING Although a dying trend as a result of link spamming, blogs are a nice way to get some backlinks. Many blogs allow you to link back to your website with your comment. Be sure to contribute something to the conversation. SOME WORDS OF CAUTION Link spamming hurts everyone.

Be careful to create original and useful content. When writing articles, do not stuff your keywords. When posting on forums, don't post for the sake of a backlinks, similarly with blog comments, be sure to contribute something. It will elevate your reputation and you'll be surprised at the actual traffic you get from them. Search engine marketing is a time consuming task. There is no quick fix.

Do it right and you will be rewarded, eventually, with those golden top 10 positions.

David Davis, is the lead developer and project manager of Redfly Marketing Search Engine Marketing Ireland. For more information visit

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