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Ok, so you're new to marketing online, and you need to find out what resources are the best for advertising.

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Placement of ads can be important

Webmasters looking for ways to earn extra money from their sites can add Google ads. All you need to is sign up for a Google Adsense account and add a simple code on your site pages. Google Adsense will then run ads on your site that is relevant to your content. It is possible for webmasters to earn a living from Adsense. It may seem difficult, but it is not impossible. If you are interested in making Google Adsense your only source of income you do will need to do more than just adding the code to your site.

There is experimenting with placements, formats and choice of keywords. Placing the code will earn a webmaster a few extra dollars, but earning a living will require more work on the part of the webmaster. If you are building sites especially to earn the Google Adsense income you really should build your pages around a specific topic or keyword that is relevant to your site content. This helps Adsense ads to display appropriately on your pages to ensure visitors who want to know more about your topic will more likely end up clicking on the Adsense ad.

Placement of ads can be important. Studies consistently show a visitor often first look to the top left of a website when they first arrive. This could be one of the most important places to place your Google ads. Inside the Google blog is a wealth of information about ad placement and other topics concerning how best to use the Google Adsense Program.

You should place your Google ad code on pages of high traffic, which means you, will need to know which of your website pages receives the most traffic. You can get a page by page detail report of your visitor activity by looking at logs inside your Google account. It is helpful to blend your Adsense ads into your web pages so that they appear to be part of your content. Inside your Google account you will find a variety of palettes which allow you to change font color, border color and backgrounds. The most important thing here is blending the ads in with the colors and content of your site pages. Use the preview tool provided inside your Adsense account to get an idea of what the ad will look like on your site.

You will find a wealth of helpful information about optimizing your site's pages inside the Google blog. Review the following tips to improve your Adsense earnings: ? Try using the large rectangle (336 X 280) wherever you can on your web pages. Some studies show this format has the tendency to result in a higher click through rate.

The ads look like normal web links. People seem to be use to clicking on normal web links and will usually click these types of links. They may or may not know they are clicking on "your" Adsense. ? Choose your colors to match the colors in your website ? Keep Adsense ads at least on top of your pages, and not at the main bottom ? A time saver for you when building your pages is to automate the Adsense code so it shows up on every page automatically.

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