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Paid movie downloads vs Free movie downloads

Be it movies, songs, music videos or shows, online downloading websites have been climbing up the charts like never before. The fast moving technology is quick to deal with any hiccups or drawbacks to make the most of the opportunity and turn it into a fruitful reward ? both for the customer as well as the site owner. Competition is throat cutting and each site quickly adapts what others are offering to ensure that they are not left behind. The downloading sites can be classified into free sites and paid sites. Free sites allows one to download the files without paying any money.

Though tempting, fee sits have their own cons. Firstly, they are not very safe. They may carry viruses that would infect your computer and can even crash them down. Another threat is that of legality. These sites are usually not legal and you may get into a piracy case.

Paid sites lets you download only once you become a member after paying a certain sum of money. Although safer than the free sites, the major trouble with these sites is the fees. One has to evaluate and get the best deal. They might charge exorbitantly. Sites which charge per song/ movie or file tends to be steep on the pocket.

The best deal is getting membership on time basis. Thee are sites that offer membership at nominal rates for different time slabs ? say a month, 6 months, a year or lifetime. Once you become he member, you can download any number of files before the membership expiry. So if I pay x money and become a member for a month, i can download as much as i want within that month! Such sites also provide a lot of privileges to long term members. For music/movie lovers, the longer the term they take the better deal for them. The packages are such that they can suit everybody's requirement.

One can choose from the various packages and get total utility of the money they are spending. The best option is definitely finding such site which offer nominal rates and a choice of packages to choose from. However, ensure that the membership is time based, and not charging you per download.

Vicky Dangi is an ardent lover of music & movie downloads He runs a hugely popular Movies & Music review site where he reveals where you can find unlimited movies & music downloads for no per download fee.

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