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Not Willing to Leave the Job Just Yet

When people are young, the word retirement is not something of much concern. It is 20 or even 30 years away and a lot can happen during that time. It is something that slips in and out that is given little thought. Some companies offer early retirement to its employees.

Even if the age of retirement is officially at 65, there are some who are not yet willing to leave and would rather work some more instead of enjoying the other pleasures that life has to offer. Of course finances are important to figure into the reasons for staying. A job or a profession to some is what makes the person a member of the community. It makes the person feel important for the years of service given and the number of accomplishments one has achieved. These are things that some people hold on to which makes retirement hard to accept. The psychological impact makes it hard for someone who has lived in a fast paced world to adjust to a life that is at a more leisurely pace.

Many look forward to the leisurely life that is promised in all the ads and magazines catering to the soon to be retired. But sometimes it depends on how much you did before you retired. Someone who has never played sports, for instance, isn't suddenly going to get a urge to start past a certain age. Another reason is perhaps the person who is still employed is just waiting for the right moment or package that the company will give out to its employees. Such issues are whether or not the retirement package that is being offered is higher than the projected earnings if one stays employed or if the retirement fund can be used immediately once it has been given. Some people can get more money just by waiting for the normal retirement age than accepting the company's early retirement plan.

Instead of saving, one might end up forfeiting and missing out on opportunities to make additional contributions to the plan. People who don't want to retire and take an early retirement are also concerned if the offer given by the company includes post-retirement medical insurance. This is because Medicare doesn't start until one has reached the age of 65 and the cost of getting private insurance is expensive. But there are risks in deciding to stay if a retirement offer is on the table. Business may not be doing well prompting the company to lay off workers or even have the position one has eliminated due to redundancy. The most important reason that makes some employees still stay is that regardless of age, one strongly believes that one can still do more being at the job, feeling that they are healthy enough to continue.

So there are many reasons where someone might hesitate to retire-- finances, health, interests, company support. But there is another avenue to explore--the internet. Often the only reason one stays on working is the fear of not having enough money so that he or she can take advantage of the retirement activities in which he is interested.

Or he knows he would be bored with no regular schedule. What one needs to do is to start exploring the online world. Type in "homebased-opportunities" or a similar phrase and see what is brought up, which is just the start of thousands of possibilities. One of the problems is that there are so many and so are the promises that they will offer. So be cautious if you decide to do more research. The outrageous promises of Thousands of Dollars Immediately is just a ploy and it does take time and effort to make a success of any business, not just on the internet.

But one good factor is that there are a variety of money-making opportunities, from setting up your own website to selling your own or other people's products and services. These products are not just physical products but electronic information, such as ebooks. Some of the opportunities are free to setup and paid ones range widely. But what one needs to do is start looking around for the ones that appeal to you, go to the various sites to obtain information and compare the advantages and disadvantages. The cost of course is one factor to consider but not always the the most important one. One needs to be comfortable with the company, especially if advertising is needed to promote rhe product or services.

You won't be successful if you don't believe in your product. If you find that internet marketing appeals to you then you can start in part-time while evaluating the opportunities. And as you start earning income (which may take a while) you can then factor the results into your retirement planning and when you want to do it. You will be better able to determine if working on your own without a time clock will work for you. Self-employed people,probably, will find it a little easier with this because they have been working more on their own anyway. So if you are not ready to retire for some of the above reasons, look into becoming an internet entrepreneur while you are still working so you can either try it out part-time.

It may appeal to you and it may not. Now is the time to at least explore the possibilities. It may change your decision about finally retiring.

At the least it will help you to make a decision that works for you. Remember my motto: It's never too late to start!.

Nancy Stetson. She uses the programs on her website to show the beginner on the internet how one can begin with no experience and little money. Free ebooks and newsletter at her site:

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