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Network Marketing Training Step One Never Talk to Anyone Ever

The idea to me of network marketing training brings up images of standing in front of a room of hopefuls learning how to roll over objections on the fly, keeping the smile throughout, keeping ever aware that I was not hearing the word 'no.' Well guess what? That's not me. And more than's not you either. I did NOT join the mlm community to become a used car sales person.

I am not a wiggle room when it comes to honesty kind of a guy. My idea of the best network marketing training was all about finding a way to build a FULLY automated online PROCESS that would do all of the heavy lifting for me LONG BEFORE I ever put myself in front of anyone! Trying to convince other people that this new program you're in is "the one" is insanity. How do they know that.hey, how do YOU know it? You don't. I wanted network marketing training in a big way because I had failed at every conceivable program you can name. Pills, potions, diet aids, soaps, debt relief, real estate, forex.

you name it. Huge and utter failure. I knew I needed network marketing training but I knew I needed the kind of training that was going to fit into my personality.

And fit into the toolbox of my strengths. I wanted a FULLY automated 24/7/365 way to find the best people, convince them that I was representing the greatest company with the most explosive product (online gaming) inform them of all the wonderful new tools THEY would soon have, and then.and this is the biggest part.

I WANTED TO GIVE THEM THE PROCESS I JUST GOT! Why? Because if it worked for me, without me being involved, it would work for them! That's the network marketing training that finally got me to here. To not having to ask my dumb brother in law to take a look at my new program. Because with the network marketing training I got, the kind that taught me an automated PROCESS, I don't need the guy! Now, you can't possibly, I mean possibly, NOT want to see this process or this company for yourself, can you? Can you?.

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