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Must Have Low Cost Streaming Audio Resources

In order to be successful in putting streaming audio on your website you will need information. In this day and age there is more information available than ever before. Spending time surfing the Internet for audio and recording resources is time very wisely spent. Included below are some of the most valuable resources available as of this writing on recording on your computer and adding streaming audio to your website. http://www. I love this forum; there are lots of people here that are more than willing to help you out. I have always got good useful answers to my questions here. http://www. This website has many resources to help you along in your home recording adventures. Spend some time looking around this site. http://www. This website is a haven for musicians and the recording enthusiast. There are reviews on most any sort of music or recording related equipment. I very seldom purchase any sort of gear without checking to see if anyone has posted a user review on the product.

Lots of good stuff everywhere you turn on this website. This is a store that specializes in mail order and Internet sales. Their prices are very reasonable and their service is first rate. I have never had a bad experience dealing with Musicians Friends. If you are a musician with a Cd to sell you need to check out CD Baby.

This is one of the largest seller's of Independent music. The cost to put your Cd on this site to sell is almost too cheap to be believed. They do all the order handling and shipping for a small percentage of each sale plus a one time set up fee. This is a site that lets you upload your audio onto a digital postcard.

They host the card for you and it is really easy to get your audio up and running. Dylan the guy that runs this site treated me very well with my dealings with him. The marketing information Dylan provides is really good stuff. http://www. Create Streaming Audio is my website. Back in 1999 when I first started trying to put streaming audio on my website little information existed.

Create Streaming Audio was made to help people out who are just getting started. This site provides information on adding streaming audio onto your website. It includes reviews and tutorials as well as good general information. This blog always has the latest news on home computer recording and streaming audio.

Download your free 16 page special report Mastering Streaming Audio Visit for streaming audio tips.

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