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List Building Tricks Joint Venture

Some of the best ways to build a list isn't just by giving away free reports. Joint Ventures are one of the most powerful ways to build a list. The simple way to do this is go through the other websites in your niche and contact the owners selling similar products and services to you. Once you have a few people you think could be related to your site you now need to contact a couple of them. This will be a simple "capture swap" on your thank you page from either an opt in form or sales page.

What you do it host your competitor's capture form on one of your thank you pages. You then get them to do the same. Every time someone get to that thank you page you then have the opportunity for that customer to opt in to your competitor's list and visa versa. This means you will double your list building efforts and have fresh leads coming in from two sources all in the time it took you to copy and paste some code! Now you can take this a step further and contact several competitors and do the same for each product you have.

You could even maximize your earnings a bit more by also putting links to their products on your thank you pages, using your affiliate link of course. If you get together with a few other people doing this then you should all see a nice little income and list boost in just a matter of days! Another simple but effective way is to get together with your competitors (again pick a few people who's products relate to your niche) and create a mini eCourse. Pick five people and ask them to each write an article. Once again adding the capture form of your competitors on the thank you page and the affiliate links in each week's article. Package the articles together so you now have a five week ecourse. Make sure each article is promoting a website (each person will write an article to promote their website or product) and then insert your own affiliate link to that product in to the bottom of the article.

Make sure the other people who have written articles do this as well. Now you each send an article a week to your lists. Very simply you have now boosted your income and list building efforts five fold, as have your competitors. You should each make commissions from each other's products so this should be incentive enough to for everyone to send out the eCourse. If you wanted to take this one step further you could even make your own simple website dedicated to this five week eCourse.

Once again adding the capture form of your competitors on the thank you page and the affiliate links in each week's article. You can also share this "eCourse template" with your five competitors, have them each make a new website dedicated to the eCourse and do the same as you. With five people promoting five different websites all interrelated you have a huge and powerful money making and list building tool.

Simple but effective .

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