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Internet Fax guide How to start with Internet Fax

Due to advancement of Internet a new option, Internet fax, is available for you. An online service that provides facility to send or receive faxes without fax machine is known as Internet fax. Basic requirements of internet fax are PC with an Internet connection and an email account.

It is also known as online fax, email to fax and e faxing. You've to just signing up with an Internet service provider that performs decoding/encoding of fax. You can easily send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously without using fax hardware.

Internet fax enables you to send or receive faxes in a short while. You don't have to wait for a long time. It can be send from wherever you are to anywhere you want.

Without facing the problem of paper jams, faxes can be sent instantly. Due to its transparency factor, your business partners can regularly send faxes to a fax number. You can even use a local or toll free number as virtual fax number. You can easily manage your time with Internet fax. Subscribers have to pay small monthly fee to use an Internet fax service. Whenever a fax is sent to your virtual number, the service provider accepts it and turns it to a file that can be easily forwarded to your accessible email address.

Internet fax services are costly due to extensive collection of programs. You should always choose the best suited to your requirements. You can also start e faxing with a free trial. You've to pursue following steps to get started with Internet fax: ? Create an email account (if you don't have any) ? Create an account on any one of Internet fax services.

(For that purpose you just have to go to website of the service provider and log in. Use their free trial offer) ? Download or install Internet fax software on your system. ? After opening new email message, start writing contents of fax in the body section of mail.

You can also attach text files with the content. ? Fill all the requirements of e-fax like destination number, recipient's name and then choose 'send and receive' option to send the fax. ? After doing all these process the fax will reach the recipient instantly.

Internet faxing is an inexpensive and convenient way to send fax to someone. You can get fax at any time because your fax number is active 24 hours a day. Subscribers don't have to be familiar with faxing software or fax machines but email knowledge is required. Several service providers offer toll-free fax numbers for United States and Canada.

Subscribers don't have to pay phone charges for internet fax but they have to pay small Internet charges. Monthly charges for Internet faxing service are from $0 to $19.95 that totally depends on the package, which you choose.

Fax to IP is another type of Internet faxing. Subscribers may send or receive faxes in PDF format, Microsoft documents format, CAD drawing format and graphical formats etc.

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