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Internet Browsing using Cell Phones

Mobile phones or Cell Phones had greatly evolved over the years. More than enabling people to make calls and send messages, the constant advancement in cell phone technology led to the development of mobile internet browsing. Internet browsing using cell phones is now becoming a trend not only among young cell phone users but also among adult users ages 35 and above. This is according to a study conducted by Ipsos Insight's 2005 "The Face of the Web".

The popularity of internet browsing across various age groups increases the demand for internet enabled mobile phones and the use of wireless mobile technology. According to the study, the age group that has the most number of individuals using their cell phones for internet surfing are the 18-34 year-old age group which comprises 36%. The number of people using this wireless mobile technology for the 35 year-old and above age group had also increased from 21% in 2004 to 27% in 2006.

12% of the 55 year-old and above age group had also tried browsing the internet using their cell phones. Internet browsing using cell phones had become a trend among cell phone users, young and adult alike. This advancement in the world of mobile technology not only offers the convenience of wireless mobile internet surfing but introduces a breakthrough in the way people communicate with each other. In a world that is dominated by technological advancements, people have to keep up in order to enjoy the comforts offered by modern technology. The emergence of internet browsing using cell phones provides the convenience of having access to your emails at any time and anywhere helping you keep track on important matters concerning work, family or business.

Internet browsing using cell phones allows you to do your research in a convenient manner, combining mobility, technology and learning altogether. Instant messaging also comes in handy using your cell phone through this technology. This allows you to keep track of everything and to communicate with peers while you're on the road, out of town or anywhere else.

All of these advantages right on your cell phone and within easy reach. This advancement with the way cell phones work lead to comparison with computers. The comfort and ease in wireless mobile internet browsing is sometimes preferred by some people who learned about internet browsing through a cell phone device. With the increasing popularity of internet browsing using a cell phone, more people especially the adult age groups learned to appreciate the beauty of modern technology.

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