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Ok, so you're new to marketing online, and you need to find out what resources are the best for advertising.

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How to Start an Internet Business Are YOU Prepared

Are you frustrated starting your highly profitable internet business ? Are you confused as to which internet guru should you believe ? Doing business online is similar to an offline business. You give some few years of research work in a particular niche, get the right market, right product and then you fit into a HIGHLY profitable cyber space that makes you money on autopilot for your entire life. There are. 1. NO Shortcuts. 2.

NO overnight internet millionaire schemes. 3. NO push a button get rich machine. 4. NO instant internet riches.

The simple truth is 'YOU get what you pay for in the form of time and money'. Here are some myths I believe that leads YOU on a wrong track while starting your own internet business. MYTH 1 - YOU can make money while you sleep or move around with your girl friend. Yes it is true that it is possible to make autopilot money online, but that's not possible from Day 1. You have to put in a whole lot of efforts initially to enjoy this kind of lifestyle. Making autopilot money while you're sleeping simply means that you are up and ready with a killer money making website swamped with 1000s of visitors crawling all over your site.

And to reach this stage it takes real efforts for some few months in the beginning. MYTH 2 - You don't have to deal with people. The fact is that you will make money only when a human on the other side will pay you money. In short, robots and wires aren't going to pay you any money.

It is humans on the other side of the globe who will deal with you and grab your products. So be prepared to deal with real live humans. MYTH 3 - You can fire YOUR boss and quit your dead-broke job instantly. Don't do it. Make sure you continue your job till your internet business pays you at least three times more than your present salary on a consistent basis. You've got your bills to be paid.

MYTH 4 - You can spend as much time as you want with friends and family. It is a tough job to promote your business and make it real successful. Even though your business is completely automated make sure you spend your free time building your business rather than wasting your time chit chatting with friends and family.

Doing business online isn't a hobby that you can fit it in the spare time while enjoying with your friends and family. MYTH 5 - Build it and they will come. That's the thing of the past.

It is just not possible for your site to be up on Day 1 and swamped with hoards of traffic on Day 2. Don't believe me. Try it once and you will see.

You've to put in some serious efforts for few months initially to jump-start your internet business from ground 0 to the top floor. Be prepared for it. It is true that internet has the horse power to make millionaires, and YOU can be one among them if you stick to it.

You just need to have. 1. A computer. 2. Internet Connection. 3.

Right information and know-how and 4. Creative investment of time and money. to succeed online, BIG time. I wish you all the very BEST.

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