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How Do You Design Your Myspace Profile

Ok, so you've created a Myspace page from the Myspace login page and now you have the task of designing your Myspace layout to best express yourself, your personality, your business or your band. How do you do this? How can you create a cool Myspace layout that will attract thousands of users? Adding interesting colors, graphics, fonts, videos and photos is one way to go about it. When you create a Myspace layout that rivals the best Myspace pages out there, you will soon see that your number of friends can quickly jump into the thousands, creating a network of over ten million people. That's a lot of eyes! The more people you get to view and add to your friends, the larger your network of contacts becomes. Using an easy-to-use Myspace layout is the way to create a more interesting Myspace page. When you visit your friend's pages, which pages are the most interesting and hold your attention? Do some research and search around Myspace to find out what kind of Myspace layouts and Myspace backgrounds attract you the most.

Copy the style of these Myspace pages and make your Myspace page the hottest Myspace layout in town! It's no secret that Myspace music is a key element to your cool Myspace page. Finding music on Myspace is no problem, search around on band pages to hear some new music and find a song that you want to include on your profile page. This song will automatically start (unless you edit the Myspace code) and your users will have a soundtrack to your page while they view it! Your musical selection will give your viewers an idea of your sense of style and personality. Whether you prefer hip-hop, rap. Rock and roll, country western, Christian religious, heavy metal, R&B, easy listening, jazz, emo, alternative or hard core punk rock, you will find a song that suits your mood on Myspace music. Once you find the song you want to add, simply add the Myspace music code into your profile and you 'll have your users jamming along with you.

Change it three times a day, if you like! The limit is really only your imagination when you are creating your Myspace layout. Yesterday, you wanted a cute Myspace layout, but today, you're feeling a little more like finding a free hot Myspace layout to suit your mood. Did your boyfriend break up with you and now you are feeling a little less like glittery, pink stars and a little more like black and red skulls and crossbones? No problem. You can update your Myspace layout any time. Find some Myspace graphics or Myspace icons for your Myspace layout and add a little fun to your profile page with moving animations.

You can even change the Myspace cursor from the regular cursor to an animated turquoise glitter guitar if you want to! Everybody who is anybody wants to have a pimped out Myspace layout and you can have it, too. It's easy to update your profile page layout with user-friendly Myspace generators such as the ones found at

Bronia runs a number of Myspace resource sites supplying Free Myspace layouts.You can use these Myspace Layouts to personalise your profile

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