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The internet has come a long way since it's concept was first introduced when the United States needed a way to catch up to their devastating loss against the Russians during cold war when Russia launched the first artificial satellite into space. Since then the internet is now a common household utility and connects people to the rest of the world so that they may converse and share their ideas with each other. Popular mediums that people use to share their ideas and creations with each other are by the use of forums, homepages, and videos. One of the first ways for people to exchange conversations, ideas and thoughts with each other were through forums. Back in the day of the dial-up connection and 133 MHz computers it was impossible for a personal computer to be connected into the network 24 hours a day and people weren't as obsessed with the internet as they are today. So the most practical way to contact another person over the internet was through a forum.

Forums are still used today and will always have a place in the internet as they are a very convenient for one person to talk to many people at once since it is very unlikely that everyone that a person wishes to convey a message to will be online and also very tedious to repeat the message over and over again. With the use of a forum a person can post their message and check the message after some time period to read the replies people may have left behind and reply back to them. Forums are a popular way for those with the same interest to ask and answer questions. With the world becoming more and more technologically advanced the internet is being more and more complicated but luckily people have realized that not everyone has the time and dedication to learn the tedious and confusing language that computers use to communicate with each other.

There for people have created programs that are easily accessible and useable by the everyday person. With these applications people have created homepages about themselves and/or objects or ideas of interest. Be it from a movie, religion, government, or maybe just to share their everyday lives with their friends and family, a user can request for a service to host their data on servers for the world to connect to. With computers being able to process information faster and faster and the availability of broadband internet across the world, the most recent and popular way to convey idea, messages and all sorts of other things is through audio and video. With users being able to show and tell the world about their ideas, creations and adventures the internet is now overflowing with such content. Users upload their video and/or audio into the internet for hundreds of thousands to millions and even billions of people to look at their content.

With just about varying mediums for people to be able to share their ideas with one another, it's just a matter of time till someone realizes there is a much more convenient and/or appealing way for people to communicate.

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