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Get More with Myspace and Friendster Layouts

Almost everyone by now must have heard about Myspace or Friendster, two of the most widely used social networks in the net today. In fact, over 50 million people from different parts of the world have already signed up for an account with Myspace and Friendster, making them a part of the top websites in the United States. The numbers do not end there at all. Everyday, more and more people from different age groups and social classes are discovering the joys of socializing and interacting with people from different countries, sharing photos and ideas, discussing world events, and practically any topic that they can think of. These two social networks have become the "place to be" for kids, teenagers, young adults, moms, businessmen, retired professionals, and even senior citizens! With their millions of users, Myspace and Friendster have become the perfect avenue for businessmen to advertise their products and services, as well as for people in general to scream their thoughts out. Thus, it becomes apparent and sensible to create a very impressive profile that is sure to catch the viewer's eye.

Creating an impressive profile requires incorporating one's personality into it. This begins with the search for the perfect layout. The user will not encounter any difficulty in searching because there are many websites that give away myspace layout, div Myspace layouts, Myspace backgrounds, Friendster layout, and other pimps and fancies for free. A Myspace or Friendster layout usually comes with a catchy line or phrase chosen by the user to uniquely identify himself from the rest of the members.

Typically, they come with colored scroll bars that make them very attractive to look at. These scroll bars serve as portions where people can view the user's personal data, including his contact details, and the like. Messages and comments can also be posted there. Personalizing or customizing the existing layout is where the fun starts. One does not have to be a creative genius to come up with a unique and professional-looking profile page.

The net is filled with thousands of high quality layouts and backgrounds and users from around the globe can pick up what can suit their preferences best. Most of these are designed specifically for Myspace and Friendster profile pages. They are also categorized in a way that makes them a whole lot easier for the user to single out his choice. Layouts and backgrounds may fall into categories like nature, florals, sporty, plains and stripes, cartoons, adults, kid's stuffs, teeny-boppers, music, movies, and more. As long as one knows how to copy and paste, creating excellent profile pages may just be as easy as a walk in the park.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the layout, background and choice of graphics must somehow tell the viewer the kind of personality the user exudes. This will make the user unique and will, likewise, enable the viewer to relate and connect better with him wherever he may be.

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