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Ok, so you're new to marketing online, and you need to find out what resources are the best for advertising.

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Free Website Tracking Save Your Money For Fried Pork Rinds

Your free website tracking is now just a heartbeat away. Fun thought, huh? Listen, I know a tad about the net, a tad. And what I know usually comes down to two things.keywords and TRACKING. Keywords because I was a 19 year Madison Avenue copywriter who used to lay awake at night sweating whether it should be a "the" or an "a" in the print ad for The Bronx Zoo that was going to be released to People Magazine in the morning.

And TRACKING because it is the great communicator of how best to watch your time spent on the net. Everything you do takes time. Eat a cookie and it takes away from your time hitting keys. Sorry, but you need to look at it that way. This free website tracking instantly allows you to accomplish a ton of your tracking needs. Because you want to STOP doing the things that are not bringing you money and continue to do more of the things that do.

Duh. But are you? This free website tracking now enables you to monitor cumulative reports for things * Total site connections * Most accessed page * More referred page * Most used browser * Most IP connections from * Busiest of all days * Average busiest day of the week * Average busiest day of the month * Average busiest hour of the day These are the factors that will bring you kicking and screaming into real online prominence. These are the pieces of information even a copywriter has learned to rely on to help him monitor his day.

There are VERY FEW things out there that deliver the goods in an effort to make you stronger online. The best ones usually come with a series of strings attached that would make anyone's head spin off and down the country road. This free website tracking asks you to sign up so they can keep in touch. Not too shabby.

To INSTANTLY start using YOUR new free website tracking system, visit: Then come use it with my partners and I to promote

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