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Color is very significant in we design, and can be used to add spice to your website, relay the humor of page, as well as to emphasize sections of a site. If you think about it, as soon as you look at a web site, you can usually guess with in seconds what site is all about. Just like Web Design Services Delhi (e-fuzion) is quick to judge a website by its color format and style of design. Web Design Services Delhi can usually tell almost immediately, whether a web site is corporate, personal, whether it is for kids, teens or just for adults etc. Most of Web Design Services Delhi (e-fuzion) s information is perceived solely by taking in color and design elements. Web Design Services Delhi (e-fuzion) uses different colors intuition every time it design.

It is very intuitive to know what colors are appropriate for a specific website topic. When you sit down to start designing, you probably take a look at the Photoshop screen and know by pure awareness which colors are off limits to that specific design. In Pro pattern, you would not use blue, red, yellow, and green for use on a website for a preschool.

On the other hand, you would not use black, grey, and brown for use on a preschool's website, but this color scheme would work wonderfully on an insurance company's website. I did not have to tell you this, with the use of your color intuition; you knew this with out even being told.

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