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Data Shredder Software Tools

Data recovery software is a very effective way of retrieving data from a worn or damaged hard disk drive. Data recovery will easily and effortlessly recover files you have mistakenly deleted from your computer or have lost after formatting the drives, and it will work for up to three formats. Huge companies around the world have lost expensive information due to corrupt hard drives, viruses and Trojans, and due to those circumstances these companies have lost huge amounts of money ? and a few of them watched as their businesses came plummeting to the ground for something as small and fragile as a hard drive. The information that ends up in a hard drive in a computer can be easily recovered and retrieved by computer hackers wherein your privacy and security gets exposed.

This shows how important it is to have a data shredder software program installed in the computer. The data shredder software helps you to shred deleted files and make them unrecoverable and unreadable to anyone. In the process of deleting files, you may sometimes accidentally or intentionally delete files and data that you may need.

The data recovery tool of this data shredder software helps in recovering files that were deleted this way. Sometimes, someone else may delete some information that you need, and it is with this data recovery feature of the software that it is possible to retrieve these files. Even files that were deleted due to system crashes and malfunction can be retrieved using the data recovery tool of the data shredder software. Internet Eraser Software supports all major web browsers and can help to clear the search history of all major search engines available today.

Web browsers supported by the software include Netscape, Opera, FireFox and Internet Explorer. Some Internet Eraser Software also comes with a porn site tracker and also can delete unwanted files permanently by using its shredder facility. It also tracks the history of major media players such as Real Player, Windows Media Player and deletes the files that are unwanted.

Webpctools provides information which shows you how to delete porn files to keep your PC performance at its best. Learn more about applications which let you remove porn archives or erase porn records on your PC to protect your family from unwanted exposure to such content.

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