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Create Your Own Online Training Site

It isn't really as hard as it sounds. Let's get rid of all those things that are hard to do. If you don't know how to design and construct a website from scratch, you can use desktop publishing software that makes it easier to construct a website. Another option is to have your website designed by a professional.

Professional website designers have a more mature outlook in designing websites. Furthermore, you are given guarantees that the website they constructed for you will not suddenly collapse or malfunction. Now, the first thing to do is to determine what kind of instruction you will give in your website.

Pattern your website after your topic of instruction so that you have a themed look to your website. If you are a mechanic, try having some pictures of tools or maybe a tire included on the site as part of the background wallpaper or in the video instruction section of the website. Next, you will need those instructional videos for your viewing public.

Begin by writing a script for your instructional spiel. Divide your script with respect to the stages or levels of your instruction topic. Determine the price you will charge for your educational video service. Once you are done, you can embed the video into your website and see the final product. If you are satisfied with what you've done so far, you can look for a website hosting service provider. Mind you, some website hosting providers will design the site for you for a fee if you so wish it.

Aside from website hosting fees, you will have to pay for domain name fees as well as other charges that the website hosting company deems fair to charge you. Also, you need to be specific about the bandwidth that your hosting provider will give you. This is to ensure that your video streams will not slow down due to heavy user traffic.

Now that you are ready to start selling, you need to have a place where you can deposit your online cash. You will have to open a merchant account in a bank and have the bank and the hosting provider configure your website so that the payments you receive are forwarded to your merchant account. Don't be nervous. This will probably be a little heavy on the pocket but it will not cost as much as investments in stocks and bonds. Moreover, if your business does not earn you anything, you can stop and cut your losses or research and apply some advertising strategies. Finally, don't think of this venture as a pioneering enterprise.

Internet video streaming for purposes of formal education and instruction has been in use for a number of years now. Even so, most instructional websites that have gardening tutorials, computer troubleshooting tutorials and a whole score of other tutorials do not have video streaming instruction in their web pages. Video streaming as a method for education and instruction is less than 10 years old. The advantage of using video streaming is that it gives you the ability to convey your instruction without difficulty since people see you doing the action as you speak the words to demonstrate it.

It certainly is better than reading or composing a manual. If you go for the write a manual method, you will need a pretty good writer who can translate technical details into more human terms. The writer will also need to be able to aptly describe necessary movements and motions for the student to understand the instruction. It certainly is better to listen and watch somebody fixing a wall fan while watching him than holding a book in one hand and a screwdriver on the other.

If you put yourself in place of the student, you will be able to imagine how easy it will be to learn from watching a person perform a lesson instead of reading about it. People keep saying that our future lies in our children. To get to the future, we need to educate our children first. What better way to teach than to have instructional videos ready for them to learn from and enjoy.

Terry Detty, 42, enjoys all aspects of internet marketing and getting out for a breath of fresh air occasionally. Email marketing and email advertising with email marketing software.

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