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cPanel Reseller Hosting For Both Windows and Linux Users

If you're buying into a reseller account that has both Windows and Linux support, you may find yourself at a loss at the sort of web panel you want installed. What kind of web panel would get the best of both worlds, so to speak, and at the same time would remain easy to use? If you're looking for flexible, easy-to-use reseller web software, try getting cPanel reseller hosting. Ease of use is the biggest selling point of cPanel reseller hosting. In fact, cPanel has been called the "Microsoft of web panels." If we're going to ask ourselves WHY cPanel is perhaps the most popular web space administration tool out there, we'll have to ask the millions of satisfied customers who've experienced cPanel and how it makes commands easier to execute, even to brand-new, fresh-faced webmasters. It's the graphical interface, first and foremost, that makes cPanel so much fun to play around with.

And an element of playfulness is important, especially for people who are nervous about touching web space for the first time! In addition, the use of mainly icons to represent most of the features available on one's chosen web hosting package is reminiscent of the way Windows displays its many functions. And nearly every computer user in the world is familiar with Windows. In fact, an estimated 90% of all computer users in the world run Windows on their personal machines. This is counting the ones who also patronize alternative operating systems such as the Macintosh and Linux. A single personal computer can have more than one operating system (OS) installed, after all.

One more interesting thing is, cPanel is actually a Linux program. It is a proprietary software that was made specifically for large server use. You only need to license cPanel once per server, which makes cPanel a practical alternative to resellers, especially those who can appreciate the power and economy of adopting open source operating systems like Linux. And when it comes to end users, they too can appreciate the ease of use afforded by this web panel. Let it not be said that cPanel only accommodates open-source software.

This particular web management software continues to grow and gain greater flexibility. A multitude of plugins and extra features have been added to cPanel, such as Fantastico and RVSkins. And even if your end-users only have Windows machines with which to interact with your Linux servers, they can enjoy the best of both worlds with cPanel reseller hosting!. provides you with info on Affordable hosting reseller, cpanel reseller hosting and much more, come take a look at

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