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Cheapest Web Hosting Guide

Choosing a cheap web hosting package fit for you requires understanding what you're in need of for your personal website. Different plans and better servers become costlier based on quality, shared or dedicated servers, higher bandwidth, greater disk space, 24/7 courteous customer support and whether the web hosting provider is able to afford these benefits in order to be flexible with their price range for customers. Your hosting package depends on your website's requirements, whether you are working for a big company in need of a virtual private server or a dedicated server web hosting package to maintain a large website with an expansive database, and a large archive of files in need of uploading onto the website.

A website of these proportions would need a reliable 99.9% uptime private or dedicated server to support the droves of visitors. Many top companies use these fantastic servers to support their popular websites. Unlike a dedicated web hosting server, a virtual private server means each website will feel like they have their own server but still share with a minimal amount of people (unlike shared, there are a lot less people on your server). Perhaps you are interested in creating a small online business website and hosting it with some of the cheapest web hosting companies on the internet.

An ideal package for small business websites would be the expert or standard plans which usually hover in a price range under $10. The server under a standard hosting plan ideally is a shared web hosting service. A shared web hosting service means your website will be placed on the same server as many other sites hosted under the same provider. The shared aspect means that your website will also share ram (bandwidth) and CPU space. A dedicated web hosting server allows you full control over your web server, and root access to linux and administrator access for windows.

Self-managed or Unmanaged dedicated plans are usually the least expensive, and you have full access to the box. These are some of the main web hosting packages you can find with any of the top ranked cheap web hosting providers around North America. You can find any of the cheapest web hosting companies online at, an excellent source for the top ranked companies, packages, coupons, reviews, and each of the top ten cheap web hosting providers.

Cheapest Web Hosting

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