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Article Marketing A Plug And Play Item Checklist That Will Guarantee Success

Thousands of article marketers write and submit articles daily. Very few achieve any success, and fewer still achieve Search Engine rankings at a high level. So, barely a very small percentage articles that are posted in directories are seen to be immensely successful; modest success is garnered by some, and many fail for various reasons . To what can we credit the results achieved by the few submissions that matter? Here's my 'ready to use' reminder list, priority ordered. You may know many, assuming you have been involved in writing and submitting articles. Having said that, you will find a few on my list that you have possibly not been introduced to before.

Whenever you write and submit any article to directories, vet your write-up with these 21 items, and improve substantially the chances that your article will deliver. So, this is my list: 1. How Powerful Is Your Article Title? Can You Describe It As Shocking/ Controversial/ Intriguing/ Beneficial/ Topical/ Informative/ Calling To Action? 2. Can We Assume High PR's For The Article Directories For Submission ? 3. Will Your Author Bio Be Perceived To Be Motivating Enough? 4. What Incentives Do You Offer Readers To Browse Your Website? 5.

How Well Does Your Site Justify The Promise Made In Your Article? 6. Do You Have Variable Anchor Texts In Your Author Bio? 7.How Fresh And Innovative Is Your Article's Central Idea? 8.

What Tally Of Article Directories Are You Submitting Your Article To? 9. Will You Send Multiple Versions Of Your Write-Up To The Many Directories On The Web, Or Submit En-Masse A Solitary Version To All Of Them? 10. Do You Physically Redo Several Versions, Or Use Software To Spin Them? 11. Is Your Niche Popular? Is There Plenty Of Competition? 12. Are Your Articles Sufficiently Well-Crafted? 13. Is Your Article Going Under The Appropriate Category In The Directories? 14.

Is There A Copy Of Your Article At Your Own Website? 15. Have You Your Own Article Directory Relating To Your Niche, With Regular Article Subissions To It? Are You Submitting Your Articles, As Well? 16. Do You Have An Atrractive Article Summary? 17. Are You A Popular Author? 18.

Do You Employ Popular Keywords? Is There A Lot Of Competition For Them? 19. How Well Do You Use Your Time? 20. Can You Trust Your Luck? 21. After Writin And Submission, Do You Market Your Article? Like it or not, the most valuable possession is the rarest of commodities: time. Most winning internet business owners hire out most of their work needs; time is used sparingly by them for making strategic plans. Many get their articles written by others.

It's absolutely essential for your articles to appear very frequently in article directories. In fact, you should aim for several every day, but at least one per week. If time is short, try to write articles yourself, but you could hire help for submission.

However, if time is too short to have your articles written inhouse, or if you have no interest or skills in writing, you had better outsource submission as well as writing. Writing articles is the lifeblood of internet marketing- - the fuel that drives business. Ignore article writing and submission at your own peril. Here's wishing the very best to you and your article writing!.

To sign up for a FREE Trial of Done-For-You Article Marketing that conforms meticulously to my 21 Point Check list, please visit: Richard J. Runion, as an ePublisher, has published successful eBooks of several Experts in diverse fields. His '1 Click Article Marketing' service is for internet marketers who have no time, or ready content.

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