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Amazing Internet Business Tools that Can Make You Rich

It is absolutely possible to start a successful internet business for free. But if you're serious enough to get started with your internet business it is extremely important to spend few bucks here and there and get some powerful tools into place that makes your internet business life much more easier and professional. It is extremely important to automate almost every aspect of your internet business. The more your internet business works on autopilot the more you can focus on marketing your internet business and more profits you can make. This article will focus on some important tools that you will require to get started with a professional internet business. Tool 1 - Website Design Software.

The most powerful website design software that I personally use is dreamweaver. However this software can cost you few hundred dollars, you can search for it online, but there are other options available as of now where you can design a simple website template for free. You can grab similar softwares like 'Instant Site Maker' and 'Web Page-O Matic' that you can get online absolutely free. You can also get 'Mozilla Suite' html editor at mozilla's website which will also help you to design your website absolutely free. Tool 2 - Graphic Designing Software. The second type of software that you will require is graphic designing software.

I personally use Adobe Photoshop to design my website graphics. This software can cost you few hundred dollars but it is worth the investment. If you are into information product business then you will need a script like 'Cover Software Pro' to design ebook covers, box covers, newsletter images, magazine images, etc. Tool 3 - Hosting Service.

It is extremely important to grab a professional hosting service. However there are many free hosting service providers online but I would not recommend you to go for free hosting service provides as they place ads on your website. It will cost you not more than $80 per year to go for a professional hosting service provider. Tool 4 - Domain Name.

You will have to grab a name for your website. This is known as domain name, that is your website address. It will cost you around $15 every year for 1 domain name. Tool 5 - Autoresponder System.

You will require a professional autoresponder system to manage your follow up tasks and also blast newsletters to your list. This service will cost you around $19 per month if you decide to go with a third party autoresponder service provider. If you decide to setup the autoresponder service on your own hosting server then it will cost you only $97 one time setup fee. Tool 6 - Ad Tracking System. You will require a simple ad tracking system to track advertisements of your website.

You will determine the return on investment of your website with the help of this service. You will accurately decide whether to continue with a particular type of advertisement or not. You will also learn your overall website statistics such as the number of unique visitors your website is receiving every month, the referral links from where your visitors are coming to your website. You will also learn the country, browser and operating system of your website visitors and various other details.

Tool 7 - Customer Support Ticket System. You will require this to manage your customer support. You can even place a simple form on your website through which your website visitors and customers can contact you if they have any questions.

Tool 8 - Affiliate Management System. You will require this to setup affiliate program for your own products and services. With the help of an affiliate program your website visitors can promote your products and services and receive a commission in return. Everything will work on autopilot once the system is setup. Tool 9 - Website Traffic Softwares. However the tools that you will grab in this area can be unlimited, it all depends upon you.

Here are some examples of softwares you can require to get traffic to your site. You will need article distribution service like 'Article Marketer' that will help in submitting your articles to hundreds of article directories all around the web. You can also require a link capture software that will help you in joint ventures and contacting hundreds of website owners at one shot. These are some of the tools that you will require if you're serious about starting your own highly profitable internet business. Grabbing all these tools at one place should not cost you more than $200 if you know the right places to hunt them.

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